we want to be the best/most friendly hardware and software platform on the planet

the reason why tomo and heropunch as a whole are so focused on making #p2p tech easy to develop for is exactly this. by freeing ourselves from the global internet and making device-to-device interactions the norm, we open up a new realm of possibilities. like, i can't imagine every cool thing that people will create, but i do think that the shape of the systems we work with influence the kinds of things that we build.

IoT has problems still, but they are more tractable when i can isolate my "smart things" from the internet. for one, my shit won't break when my internet is being flaky. whenever i move, i don't have to worry about having internet installed before i can have a movie night with my friends. or a dance party or whatever.

apart from interfaces i think the next biggest area where technology draws attention to itself is when it breaks. specifically, when the software design is based on assumptions that don't hold in the real world (always connected internet).

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