we have mentioned this in other posts, but the strategy we're taking is what we call a freedom garden. sort of a play on "walled garden" where some means are used to keep users trapped or tethered to your platform somehow. a freedom garden is a decentralized application platform that actively prevents non-freedom respecting interests from gaining a meaningful amount of traction. how?

of course this could be used for all kinds of awful things, but the actual point is to place my data and my software exclusively under my own control. this allows us to start from a place of absolute freedom that can be tempered through voluntary agreements. i don't know what the best interaction model is so i'm not going to pick one.

we are calling this core model anonymous pseudonymity basically, your identity is an asymmetric keypair that can't be linked to a specific physical device, network address, or location through normal coms so, if you want strong anonymity you can discard your key after every session and/or keep certain keys around to provide a reference persistent or semi-persistent identity. you can always add more identity, but if your system is designed to have identity it can be very difficult to remove the concept.

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