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9gridchan has always been opposed to the toxic elements of -chan culture and engaged in active resistance to them. I have always hoped people would look deeper than the most superficial guilt-by-association concepts and understand the goals of this project were all about supporting cooperative open-minded creativity with respect for all cultures and identities. I've been a blatantly wacked-out hippie type advocating peace, love, and 9p all this time and hoped it would shine through. I feel now this is both naive to begin with, and unsustainable in modern internet culture. This site remains up as a historical artifact but I'm leaving the -chan namespace for active projects because the risk of being misunderstood is too great. Many grid services are offline because I no longer wish to risk hosting user-submitted content that is not being actively audited. I have never seen any abuse but I'm not interested in doing active monitoring of content and I don't want to take the risk of the service being used abusively and feeling responsible for it. Hopefully I will work out something I feel comfortable doing. Hope to see everyone from grid around in the larger world of plan 9 and 9p services. Peace and love and acceptance to the whole world, the dream of harmonious cooperative communication will not die.

a record is kept here in memory of ANTS and standing up against the dark.