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meet 友


the goal with 友 (tomo) is to create a completely decentralized libre hardware and software platform that is focused on privacy, ease of use, and hackability. these devices should be as simple as possible. somebody with basic electronics skills should be able to assemble anything in our product line without any trouble.

友 is a simple line of DIY-core devices. hardware you can trust because you assembled it yourself. we put all of the control in your capable hands. the plans and specs are all available on source. these are currently a work in progress, but the goal is to make something that you can assemble in your garage with a 3d printer and some knowledge of electronics. we picked rpi for the mainboard because of the ecosystem of cheap, easily sourced parts.

we want to provide a starting point for hackable, modular, mobile devices. the first iteration is based on stuff that is already on the market. (very) long term, we would like to look into custom SoC based on free ip cores so we can ship a fully libre hard/software stack.

to start with, we expect some enthusiasts to pick up our devices for experimentation and customization. we also want to use tomo as a vehicle for our #p2p application platform; there is still a lot of development to do there, but we want to tightly integrate with our hardware to get everything working flawlessly. the idea is to create a sort of "freedom garden" of libre apps, services, and hardware.




relax and make some cool p2p apps. this unique zero infrastructure architecture lets you focus on the important bits: features, ux, &c. and forget about scaling. it just works, probably. the "peer-to-peer application space" is very focused on protocols, which is a useful endeavor. however, this focus on protocols and standardization doesn't serve the needs of application developers.

once we have our feet on the ground, the real work can begin. we need to make open hardware specs that we can hack on in software (to keep iterations cheap) and then send to a fab in a group buy to take advantage of economies of scale. there are a few projects in this space already: RISC-V and MIAOW, for example, but in order to be competitive we need to synthesize a complete and modern mobile hardware platform that can replace the rpi3 and peripherals inside cybredeck and nomad.

so, you in? pick a project!

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