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a comittee is at an informatic disadvantage when it comes to making complex decisions on a limited timeline. delegating trust is easier than participating in a debate process. the delegation must be explicit and revocable, however, to remain voluntary. rather than attempt some cybernetic integration to make everyone a willing and capable participant at the agora, we look to the age of piracy. captain and crew operate on a cooperative basis, co-owners with a clear chain of command. an unhappy crew can and should easily mutiny. in the modern context, preferably in a non-violent way. we propose this as an alternative to democratic cooperative systems. from an integration standpoint, many people have already been conditioned to operate inside of a command structure. adapting them to a cooperative command structure is straightforward.

this is NOT some veiled attempt at imposing hierarchy on the ostensibly egalitarian cooperative democracy. officers are in command under the authority of the crew. taking the burden and responsiblity of command upon themselves, rather than forcing the entire crew into tramites y burocracia sin fin.

ships, stations, and other habitats are each independent organizations. the cooperative command structure provides a blueprint for addressing highly dynamic situations that falls back into a less rigid peer-group format for day-to-day operations. because of this very loose governance format, a culture of mutual-aid and cooperation is critical. you can't be an asshole who is always right. caring for our environment comes before anything else. we maintain the systems, freedom and autonomy come after our environment is cared for. care for the environment and it will care for you.

officers function as nucleation points for collective action. their role is to allow the organization to natrually crystallize around them. coordinating with other officers and crew to form whatever meta-structure is needed to address the task at hand.

crew stand in solidarity through allied trade unions. operating agreements are drawn up and organized by the cooperative community assistance coop.

operating agreement


(                              sabiduría                            )

𝋠	somos libres siempre en nuestros corazones. ignoramos reyes,
	presidentes y votaciones. creemos en el consenso aproximado
	y la acción cooperativa.
𝋡	rechazamos la propiedad privada: no reclamamos ningún
	territorio además de los espacios que habitamos
𝋢	não faremos daño, si no se puede evitar el daño actuamos
	honorablemente. atenderemos à complexidade harmoniosa do
	todo: não podemos ser gobernadas, buscamos homeostasis.
𝋣	𝋥, 𝋦 y 𝋧 forman un triunvirato en el caso de asuntos
	judiciales. el grupo de oficiales forman una junta de
	gobierno cooperativo con plena autoridad sobre sus
	respectivas divisiones. actuando como delegados obligando la
	tripulación únicamente por voluntad y palabra.
𝋤	Los oficiales y la tripulación pueden utilizar un
	"procedimiento de motín" o un "voto de censura" para
	reestructurar el liderazgo.

(                               juicio                              )

𝋥	capitán
𝋦	oficial ejecutivo
𝋧	oficial de intendencia

(                            entendimiento                          )

𝋨	oficial medico
𝋩	oficial de ingeniería
𝋪	oficial de estudios


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