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looking for a better tomorrow (attribution?)

heropunch is a telekooperativo of people helping people. our goal is to apply our knowledge and skills to create new, cheaper ways for people to work and play together. the future doesn't have to be a shitty place, we can make a difference! maybe not on a global scale, but we can change the bits that matter: our communities, our homes, our personal way of life. by focusing on small, actionable goals we can build a better world: one small step at a time.

universal basic economy

a gift of 6.9% of your individual net income. used to provide housing, assistance, debt relief, and many other services to people in need through a combination of universal basic internet, universal basic income, and cooperative housing projects. not cryptocurrency, but something similar. making a new kind of money isn't especially novel. distributed blockchain money is still money.

we do not seek to establish central governance. rather, to encourage economic cooperation by donating carefully thought out technology to our friends and allies. queer people of color in particular. providing a low-maintenance substrate with close to zero buy-in cost. designed to easily be modified by non-technical users. we hope. everything we need. for and by the people.

we also plan to establish a cooperative income fund based on cryptocurrency donations, stakes, and bonds. we recognize the many issues around cryptocurrency, but we require the autonomy that they lend us. we have no reason to be loyal to institutional finance. we hope that you can still believe we are working towards a better world. these resources will be used to fund our long-term community development programs, including cooperative investments and various educational programs.


our goal is to make the ubi administrative overhead as small as possbile. we seek novel software solutions that are fundamentally simple and fault tolerant. over the next few years, we will begin to roll out a mesh network that can provide a type of universal basic internet using only smartphones as infrastructure. a gift. to prove that we are worthy.

we propose three software projects that make up the technical foundation of the organization:

cryptogen: a novel networking stack that takes an alternative approach to mobile adhoc mesh networking. in particular, the network is directly concerned with logical units of information, in contrast to ip networks which concern themselves with point-to-point transmission. cryptogen operates over fuzzy, overlapping broadcast domains. each node constructs its own subjective view of the visible network as it observes the transmissions of nearby peers. to differentiate, we call this a Data Access Network or DAN.

bbnet: a set of conventions for developing distributed, peer-to-peer network applications using the cryptogen. filling the role of the cloud or a blockchain service, without the serious downsides of either. together these provide the foundation for a new type of voluntary cooperative economy.

tomo: an "overlay operating system" based on a research project from the 90s called "inferno". it is capable of running directly on hardware, but also has the novel ability to run as an app on a wide variety of software platform like android, windows, and linux. all while using as little as 1MiB of memory. this allows us to easily target a huge variety of hardware platforms including very old android phones.

"intellectual property"

detailed schematics, source code, and other components of our cooperative systems are available to members with no restrictions. all program projects are dedicated to the public domain, so that members can use this information to benefit their own lives without restrictions. we want to foster a cooperative environment for engaging with research and community development. more importantly, we want to make sure your time investments benefit you and your community.

other thoughts on the subject

heropunch was originally created to develop an earlier vision of this project. curiously, most of the technical issues that we identified surrounding DAOs have not been solved by other teams. some high-assurance DAOs do exist, but they are not the majority.

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