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at some point cryptogen is going to be compared to [REDACTED], but it really doesn't. you see, cryptogen is a networking stack. tomo el fuego is the operating system and the only real similarity is that tomo is indeed a mind control device. ok technically the star cult runs on tomo el fuego, but that's semantics. a research operating system; providing a portable build toolchain, register vm jit kernel, and operating system overlay. useful for experimenting with networks and distributed systems.

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design and lineage

tomo is a rapidly evolving reserch project at this time, use at your own risk! we are on a peaceful scientific mission. a full briefing is available here.

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snapshot builds are published periodically. real stable versions of the base system are planned, but not likely in the near future. currently we are publishing only Linux-386 builds. we may eventually graduate to nightly builds.


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