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tomo is based on inferno from vita nuova. the concepts behind tomo have been an on going research project for at least a decade, it has been a long road down to the metal. haiku brings a lot of nice things to the table, but C++ is too complex. various other operating systems and programming languages also inspire the design direction of the system.

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short- and medium-term salvage hardware should be sufficient for something like inferno and fits the solarpunk ethos. a collapse scenario would be catastrophic and something like collapeos may be the only realistic approach. for the time being, i think its important to reach for systems that can thrive in an increasingly chaotic world. simpler, more robust, and easier to learn. i share some of the concerns that a collapse scenario is possible, but i choose to set a different bar. tomo does prioritize portability and simplicity, but also security. the crypto requirements alone set a minimum bar for supportable hardware.

APL was originally designed as a mathematical notation for describing algorithms (Iverson). a prophetic design, decades ahead of its time, now perfectly at home on modern data-parallel hardware, including GPUs. not because the designer imagined this is what machines would look like, but because the language was designed to enable humans to easily reason about computational problems in their heads and on paper. in the same spirit, tomo el fuego, cryptogen, and bbnet represent conceptual areas that eventually will be represented as a notational language of their own. focusing always on the HCI problem and creating useful and general thoughtforms, in pursuit of an informatics system that can stand for a century or longer.



I want tomo to be support infrastructure for novel research projects. good fundamentals to build upon. to ease and share the burden of developing next gen systems and running them cross platform. work at whatever pace you can manage. that's more than good enough for me. novelty is very rare these days. here to nurture it.

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